Trusted by Professional athletes Referred by Physicians

Trusted by Professional athletes Referred by Physicians

Trusted by Professional athletes Referred by Physicians Trusted by Professional athletes Referred by Physicians Trusted by Professional athletes Referred by Physicians

Lab Certified.

We set the benchmark

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Our Founders

Our industry leading products were created for an Olympic distance runner suffering from severe arthritis. He continues to compete and as such is subject to strict U.S. Anti-doping standards and drug testing. Our athlete specific formulations were co-developed by physicians & experts to be compliant for him and the U.S. Anti-doping standards for THC-free CBD. All of our bulk industrial hemp based oils are lab certified THC-Free prior to production. We only produce CBD (unlike most brands) and produce our products in THC-free zone manufacturing facilities to avoid cross contamination. In addition, our finished products are again third party lab certified in small batches. On top of all of this, our in-house Olympic athletes use our products daily for personal health & have hair & urine samples lab screened to US Anti-Doping standards for testing. We care the utmost about the purity & efficacy of our products.

What makes Sportsafe CBD better?

#1 Our process and extra care measures in plant quality, sourcing, manufacturing and bottling in THC-free facilities all help to ensure that our products have third party labs showing THC-free as None Detected. Our topical has shown time and again to be more effective because we use a hemp base that is as close to the plant as possible, with many natural plant constituents.  Doing this requires us to enable additional, costly measures and unique methods others generally do not want to do. They simplify and dumb down their product, we do not. For example, try to envision the difference between eating actual broccoli -vs- a broccoli extract. Which do think would be more beneficial and why? The end result of our extra effort is an amazing, fast acting product beyond any you'll find. 

#2 Our long-term trials and consumer feedback have culminated into a scientifically unique CBD formulation. This Synergistic blend of ingredients & the highest quality industrial hemp derived CBD enables our product to get where it needs to be in the body more effectively. It yields results far beyond the competition in head-to-head comparisons. Our product trials & feedback investigations indicate that the amount per milligram of CBD may actually be less important than the delivery system! Above all, contaminant free product is essential to good health. Pesticide free, herbicide free and mold free are terms quite important to us.

Why does CBD appear to work for so many things?*

CBD receptors are located throughout our entire body. CBD binds to these (CB1 and CB2) receptors with high affinity & appears to quickly begin regulating our inflammatory and pain response.* The hemp plant has likely been used by humans for generations given the abundance of receptors throughout the body.* It is presently not fully known why they are there. Researchers attempting to identify the health benefits of CBD may sometime soon know the answer.

Physician referred patients using SportSafe CBD reported relief from:

Though CBD has yet to be FDA approved or proven for treating illness or injury, physician referred patients & pro athletes have reported relief with our CBD product regarding: Achilles Tendonitis*, Plantar Fasciitis*, Bursitis/Hip Pain*, Anxiety, Sleep assistance*, Osteoarthritis*, Neuropathy*, Joint/Knee Pain*, Back Pain*, Carpel Tunnel*, Eczema/Psoriasis*, Sciatica*, Muscle Soreness*

Coincidentally, or not, most of the conditions above that patients reported relief from end in 'itis', which is a latin suffix meaning inflammation.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are only anecdotal from end users. Much research needs to be conducted to affirm these testimonials and the efficacy of the hemp plant on health.


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