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We proudly sell to retailers across the United States

Email to place your order - Minimum 12 units. 100% margin of profit.


We currently offer two products to retailers in the health, wellness and sports industry. We offer our premiere topical salve used by top athletes and celebrities, as well as our sublingual liquid drops. Be wary of any retailer offering you edible CBDs like gummies, gels or protein powders. Though CBD is ok to sell across the US, most states have a strict policy regarding edible CBD treats. We suggest you question the integrity of anyone willing to sell you edibles at this time. Besides regulation, edible CBDs are beggining to show much less effectiveness when having to pass through all three stages of metabolism. That is why sublingual and topical applications are highly recommended. Integrity and credibility is everything in our industry. We like to say that it's not just what you buy that matters, who's selling it you counts most. All of your products have a shelf life above 1 year and come with a born on date and UPC code. 

Who can Wholesale?

Anyone! Whether you're a physicians office, a run specialty store, an occupational therapist, a sporting goods store or an athletic training room manager, we're here to help you get CBD to those who need it most. Call us today at 704-912-5005 if you'd like see if you fit our mission. 


Can I Sell CBD?

Most all states allow CBD sales. We will assist you in reviewing your state policy as due diligence when you place an order with us. We'll offer you links and access to current information if you cannot find it on your own. As we stated above, some states do have strict guidelines regarding edible treats like gummies and cookies. Make sure you stay compliant and help CBD stay accessible to all. 

Minimum Order

12 units. You can mix and match to purchase 6 balm and 6 salve or 12 of either. There is no maximum. You can order as many units as you like. If you have a solid customer base we suggest purchasing at least 24 units to save on shipping time. 


Your order will ship within two weeks from the date it was placed and will come with priority tracking.

How much $ will I make?

Our products offer you a 100% margin of profit and come with an MSRP lower than our site. This encourages happy customers to continue to purchase directly from you. Stores who produce revenue of 1.5 million have been generating $100,000 in revenue in just their first year selling. The best part, CBD takes up hardly any shelf and inventory space. Smaller retailers have been making 1000s of dollars and bringing in new customers outside of their typical demographic, growing their customer base much wider.

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